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Resilient, stable and versatile: our brass materials

High-quality alloys with a variety of properties for strip production. For a wide range of applications in the automotive and textile industry:


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Materials Alloy number SM UNS
CuZn5 021 C21000
CuZn10 022 C22000
CuZn15 024 C23000
CuZn20 026 C24000
CuZn28 028 C25600
CuZn30 030 C26000
CuZn33 032 C26800
CuZn36 034 C27200
CuZn37 035 C27400
CuZn30As 031 C26130
CuZn40 039 C28000


Materials Alloy number SM UNS
CuZn40Pb2 042 C37700
CuZn39Pb2 043 C37000 
CuZn39Pb0,5 046 C36500
CuZn37Pb2 047 C35300
CuZn38Pb2 048 C35300


Coil width up to max. 1.250 mm
Coil thickness max. 6 mm / min 0,5 mm
Coil weight up to max. 13 kg/mm
Temper as rolled or soft annealed