Environment Management System


Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG was one of the first companies in Europe to join the voluntary EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in 1995 – and thus document in accordance with EMAS regulations that it is

  • doing more than required to protect the environment – with the active support of all employees
  • undergoing regular checks by independent and state-approved environmental verifiers
  • constantly working on improving its activities, products and services
  • openly disclosing information about its work in the EMAS environmental statement and actively seeking dialogue with the public

Certified according to ISO 14001
In 2004, our company was certified according to ISO 14001 – the global standard for environmental management systems. This certification documents

  • our voluntary commitment to an active environmental management system and its successful implementation
  • our voluntary commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance
  • our strict observance of, compliance with and implementation of current environmental laws, requirements or guidelines
  • our credibility and reliability when it comes to our dedication to environmental protection

Our certified environmental management system is checked at regular intervals by an external body for compliance with the relevant regulations.

Environmental statements
Our annual environmental statements provide comprehensive information on all aspects of our environmental protection work. They also contain facts and figures on our environmental performance as well as detailed descriptions of individual projects and the latest developments in our environmental protection programme.

We’d be happy to send you a copy of our current environmental statement.

Should you have any questions concerning Schwermetall and the environment, please do not hesitate to ask:

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