Optimal use of energy for an efficient production



Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG is aware of its responsibility to society and the environment. Our company specialises in pre-rolled copper and copper alloy strips, for which virgin metal and scraps are melted in our foundry, cast into cakes and further processed into pre-rolled strips in our rolling mill. The state-of-the-art processes used to melt, cast, hot and cold roll require a lot of energy. In order to fulfil our responsibility regarding the use of energy and energy resources, Schwermetall is committed to reducing its energy consumption to a minimum by implementing technically and economically feasible measures.

As a supplier of high-quality pre-rolled copper and copper alloy strips, we endeavour to produce our products in an energy efficient way and constantly improve our energy related activities.

In order to maintain and further improve the successes achieved, we are committed to constantly improving all areas of the company. We achieve this by setting and realising ambitious and realistic goals and systematically pursuing them. For procurement of new equipment, products and services with significant energy consumption energy efficiency is a key selection criteria. The information and resources required to achieve the defined energy targets are provided in full by Schwermetall. When implementing the goals, Schwermetall meets all legal and internal requirements.

Each and every employee is involved in our energy management system (EnMS) and encouraged to draw our attention to any wasted energy or potential areas for improvement and get actively involved in implementing improvements. By announcing the energy targets and the measures implemented, as well as by regular training and raising employee awareness, we promote energy-conscious behaviour throughout the company.

An international standard of energy management
Our declared goal is to optimise our energy use and continuously improve our energy performance and energy efficiency. In order to plan, implement, monitor and improve all activities that have a significant impact on the use of energy, our company introduced an energy management system as per DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 that is practised throughout the entire company.

Energy management is an integral part of all company decisions. Each and every employee is encouraged to initiate and support energy-efficient innovations. To ensure its energy consumption and usage meet all requirements and energy targets, Schwermetall includes its energy-related activities in its long-term plans.

Such precautions are designed to ensure that energy specifications meet both external and internal requirements.