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As varied …
Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG offers its customers a wide variety of copper and copper-based alloys for every conceivable area of application. Our foundry and mill process more than 100 different alloys. The success of our customers in further processing our pre-rolled strips is based on our strict adherence to chemical compositions in connection with consistent and reproducible material properties. Also, key to the success of our coin strip customers is dimensional accuracy within the tightest of dimensional tolerances.

… as they are reliable.
When it comes to the reliable and efficient supply of feedstock, Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG is a valued partner to the semi-finished goods industry for copper. By constantly modernising our facilities, we are able to offer pre-rolled strips up to 1,250 mm wide and a specific coil weight of up to 19 kg/mm. We can also meet various customer requirements in terms of delivery form (coil dimensions, coil weight, packaging) and material condition (full hard, soft annealed and pickled). In addition to the copper, brass, coin and special materials listed here, other materials are also available on request.

Innovative, intelligent and progressive: our copper materials

Resilient, stable and versatile: our brass materials
Special Materials
To meet the highest standards and requirements: our special materials
Coin Materials
Robust, durable and timeless: our coin materials