Be it in the electronics sector, the automotive industry or coin processing, product quality standards are extremely high in all areas that rely on copper or copper alloy materials.

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In terms of surface quality, chemical composition or mechanical properties such as electrical conductivity, strict limitations must be observed so that the material can be processed and applied by the end user.

Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG has established itself on the semi-finished goods market as a supplier of high-quality pre-rolled copper and copper alloy strips. We offer our customers a reliable supply of feedstock at competitive conditions. In order to maintain and build upon this success, and meet future requirements, we are committed to constantly improving all areas of the company. We achieve this by setting ourselves ambitious and realistic goals and systematically pursuing them. We also have a quality management system in place as per EN ISO 9001, which undergoes regular checks by an external body. This ensures that the various customer requirements regarding our products have been met.

You can download the current certificate under the following link:

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